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Survey Deadline: November 21, 2021

Introduction to the Library Support Network

Fundraising and advocacy help keep public libraries strong, vibrant, and at the heart of every community. Yet, the work is demanding, the expectations are big, and the role of library development professionals often is not understood or leveraged to its fullest.

In 2016, a small group organized the first-ever annual International Public Library Fundraising Conference (IPLFC.) Since then, hundreds of people from across the US and Canada have come together for peer-to-peer sharing and learning. In 2019, Library Giving Day was launched, and 400+ libraries have signed on and raised millions of dollars for their local communities.

We are finding inspiration, new opportunities, connections, and efficiencies through the formation of an informal network that we are calling the Library Support Network.

The developing Library Support Network was born from a need we uniquely experienced as library development professionals, and it has proven valuable to libraries and supporting organizations alike. It has been a labor of love, sustained by just a handful of volunteers and one very generous in-kind supporter.

Now we are asking: Is it time to formalize this network?

Jonna Ward, CEO of the Seattle Public Library Foundation has been a driving force behind this work. Her team, organization, and library have benefited so much from peer sharing and collective efforts. Because of this, she has stepped forward to spearhead an effort to explore the feasibility to stabilize and sustain this developing Library Support Network, so that it continues to help advance philanthropic support for public libraries for years to come.

The first step in the discovery process is the launch of a short survey, designed to help better understand your challenges, needs, and wants related to library fundraising and running a high-performing development program.

There will be interviews with key leaders and stakeholders. Upon the close of the survey on November 21, an advisory group will form to analyze the findings and develop plans for the future, to be shared at the next International Public Library Fundraising Conference in Summer 2022.

Get Involved

We are just starting this journey and look forward to having you part of it! If you would like to do more than complete the survey, please email: [email protected] to let her know your interest.